Code and Hardware


BTS7960 H BRIDGE – $12

GPS module – $5-$20 (eBay is a great place to find these)
-Any cheap GPS module with antenna and with serial output breakout (3.3v to 5v so you can power using ESP 3v or 5v)

Any 2amp car USB charger


Porsche 986 Active Spoiler assembly (98650410900) from eBay or pick-n-pull ($50-$100)

5pc of 14-16 awg Butt connectors – $5


Arduino IDE – ESP32 Dev module Arduino sketch

You’ll need to upload the sketch (provided above) to the ESP32 using the Arduino IDE. For step by step directions on how to configure the IDE and how to upload an example sketch, check out the link below:

The WIFI connection details are the only things you need to change to configure the software for your active spoiler. Open the sketch with the Arduino IDE and scroll down till you see the code below. Once you do, just change the text in between the ” ” with your current home WIFI network credentials (since it’ll be easier to test), and your desired spoiler access point password (to be used when you connect to it while driving around). You can also change the ESP32-ASC-AP SSID with whatever you want the active spoiler SSID to be if you so desire. After the network information has been changed you can then upload the code to your ESP32.